About us

Our values and approach

Empathy: We prioritize understanding and resonating with the unique challenges and goals of small businesses, charities, and community initiatives.

Empowerment and Education: We are committed to educating and empowering our clients, providing them with the knowledge and tools to navigate the digital realm confidently.

Community-Centric: We are dedicated to fostering and strengthening local communities by actively contributing to their growth, sustainability, and well-being.

Transparency: We value transparent communication and openness in our interactions, ensuring trust and clarity with our clients and partners.

Impact-Driven: Our work is guided by a commitment to measurable and positive social impact, making a meaningful difference in the lives of our clients and their communities.

Collaboration: We actively seek and value collaboration, recognizing that the best outcomes are achieved through shared insights, ideas, and efforts.

Meet Kairos Braddock

Since 2001, Kai has passionately crafted high quality web and software projects across diverse sectors—government, charity, corporate, education, ecommerce and manufacturing. Offering tech architecture and development, business analysis, consulting, training, technical writing, and web support, they bring a wealth of expertise.

Driven by a deeper purpose, Kai transitioned to specialising in for-purpose projects, focusing on small to medium-sized organisations and groups in the Hunter Valley, NSW.

Praxian House emerged in 2014, born out of a desire for remote work and travel freedom. Now settled back in Newcastle NSW, Kai’s community-oriented values are reflected in volunteering with a Newcastle charity association where they spearhead digital transformation projects, volunteer engagement, and contribute to governance.